Ask Paula: What to Do with a Six-Figure Windfall?
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#489: Cara made $100,000 in commissions this year, her biggest bonus ever. What should she do with the money if she wants to retire early? An anonymous caller is upset that the 401k plan he sold his boss on is charging him an Assets Under Management (AUM) fee. Should he keep the 401k at all? Remy and her husband need to come up with $30,000 for IVF treatments. How do they build their family without breaking the family finances in the process? Another anonymous caller and his partner have lived in an RV for years. They’re ready to settle. Should they sell most of his investments to purchase raw land and build an off-grid home? Former financial planner Joe Saul-Sehy and I tackle these four questions in today’s episode. Enjoy! P.S. Got a question? Leave it at For more information, visit the show notes at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
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