AFL Footy Show Unplugged - 19/05/17
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Sam Newman has been injured, and is absent… Crawf pushed him over, so Bec and Hutchy give him a hard time. With the top dog gone Hutchy and Crawf come hard with the dad jokes and they also pay respect to late country town footy hero Karl Jacka in another entertaining episode of AFL Footy Show Unplugged.
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Craig, Sam and Billy deliver another amusing show despite the absence of Bec. The team discuss Sam’s swearing slip up, the aftermath of the Pacquiao v Horn fight, Ali Fahour’s suspension, and midnight snacks. Don’t miss out on the entertaining backstage antics of the AFL Footy Show Unplugged.
Published 07/07/17
Published 07/07/17
Bec, Sam and Crawf are one man down as Hutchy went home. Bachar Houli’s suspension, concussions, GPS trackers in balls and Patrick Dangerfiled are all given a run on another great episode of The AFL Footy Show Unplugged.
Published 06/30/17