BONUS: Could reading doorways be a substitute for genres?
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In this bonus episode, we talk about something that didn't come up in the genres episode but should have. It’s a concept called the four reading doorways. Could it be an alternative to genres? Nancy Pearl thinks so! Join as we talk about what the four reading doorways are, learn how they're useful when recommending books to others, and explore how they show up in our own reading. Sources: Pearl, Nancy. “Check It Out with Nancy Pearl: Finding That Next Good Book.”  March 16, 2012. Publishers Weekly.  Childs, Tera Lynn. “Nancy Pearl’s Four Doors to Reading.” February 20, 2014. ----------------------- Intro and outro music: "The Chase," by Aves. Do you have thoughts, questions, or ideas for future episodes? Email us at [email protected]. And if you want to learn more about the podcast, visit our website at If you liked this episode, please consider leaving us a review to help us reach more listeners. And if you'd like to see more bookish content from Martha & Elizabeth, follow us on Instagram and TikTok @allbooksaloudpod. Read on!
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