Altitudes by Etihad
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With millions of cars off city streets, and thousands of aircraft grounded at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, something remarkable happened. For the first time since the industrial revolution, global carbon emissions saw a record drop of 7%. But as the world begins its recovery, some are...
Published 03/02/21
People around the world have never been more conscious about their health when it comes to travel. So much so, that it made some of us realise how little we know about the effects that flying has on our bodies. To help answer some of our most pressing questions is Dr. Nadia Bastaki, Vice...
Published 11/12/20
How different will travelling be post-pandemic? Is Etihad about to merge with Emirates? And are flights between the UAE and Israel on the horizon? Etihad Aviation Group CEO Tony Douglas joins us on the first episode of Altitudes to help answer these questions and more.
Published 09/28/20