How to think like a CIO using ITIL w/ Mark Bradley
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Today's guest is another day one as he’s been in my community for over a decade and attended my very first Xcelsius training class! Mark Bradley has been in IT for around 30 years and has such a huge amount of knowledge and enthusiasm for the intersection of data, metrics, and leadership, I promise that you are not going to want to miss this amazing data masterclass! If you are thinking about becoming a CIO (Chief Information Officer) or your company is going through a digital transformation, this data masterclass is for you. Join us as discuss the ITIL framework, the topic of Mark’s recent book. We also look at how this relates to DITS or digital and IT strategy and the actionable steps you can take to accelerate your digital transformation! In this episode, you'll learn: [0:07:44] Mark describes the difference between building internally and outsourcing. [0:13:02] Mark teaches why you should focus on data quality vs quantity to build dashboards that serve specific needs of an organization. [0:20:32] The evolution of the ITIL methodology and getting to grips with DITS or digital and IT strategy.  [0:25:13] Specific roles that DITS is most appropriate for: CIOs, aspiring managers, directors, and CTOs.   [0:30:42] How relationships have changed with the subscription model for business. [0:31:37] Who the ITIL® 4 book is best suited to; size of businesses and types of transformations. [0:33:23] The obstacles to building a successful and functional digital strategy for a business. For full show notes, and the links mentioned visit:  Enjoyed the Show?  Please leave us a review on iTunes.
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