E303 A Pumpkin Head and a Biased Bisexual
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In episode 303, the floor of Christine's lucid dream is covered in mouse traps set by Em! And what are your intentions for our daughter, we mean, aircraft because Em is covering a UFO sighting this week in the story of the disappearance of Fred Valentich, a gemini through and through. Then Christine covers the case of Mandy Stavik and the power of women and their instincts. And stay tuned to see if Christine's next lucid dream can reveal the note Em wrote for her that's hidden in their apartment somewhere... and that's why we drink! Don't forget to check out our Black Friday merch sale as well as new holiday merch line! atwwdmerch.com
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Happy sweet 666, everyone! Get your Big Gulp milkshakes ready because episode 313 marks our darling, creepy podcast's 6th birthday! We could not be more grateful to all you boozers and shakers out there so in honor of the occasion Em brings us a hodgepodge story in a collection of haunted dorm...
Published 02/05/23
Happy FebRuary, folks! We hope everything is still going well this year and you're enjoying February so far, however you celebrate. A mystery is afoot AF in this batch of listener stories. We hear from folks who have stories for another day, cover their own creepy current family true crime and...
Published 02/01/23
Published 02/01/23