E312 Our AIM Renaissance and Our Cryptid Festival Year
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In episode 312 we're suggesting you chew on Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts at your own risk. But we are recommending a cryptid festival road trip for any who'd like to partake! And we're starting with the topic of Em's story this week, the Van Meter Visitor, or as Christine dubbed them, a time traveling monster with headlamps. Then Christine covers the brutal case of the Connecticut River Valley Killer, an unsolved 70's serial killer we can only hope is identified one day. And shout out to the video that's still up and available on the Beach Too Sandy, Water Too Wet YouTube of Christine's worst birthday party including a piñata full of beans... and that's why we drink! Don't miss our brand new creepy live show ON THE ROCKS! andthatswhywedrink.com/live
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We’ve got episode 319 coming at ya and we’re peeling back the proverbial curtain on Slack channel microphone mishaps and podcaster group chats! First Em brings us a continuation of their last story on crossroads and liminal spaces with the Goddess Hecate, who among so many other cool things is...
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