Listener Stories: Vol. 76
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Happy FebRuary, folks! We hope everything is still going well this year and you're enjoying February so far, however you celebrate. A mystery is afoot AF in this batch of listener stories. We hear from folks who have stories for another day, cover their own creepy current family true crime and contemplate giving their number to a ghost in Gettysburg. And not to be outdone, we hear from someone whose boyfriend left them for a ghost. All while thoroughly creeping out Em and Christine for all the synchronicities related to episode 313 that we just recorded and comes out this coming week. Are we trauma bonded from a whole different lifetime? ...and that's why we drink! Join us on the road for our brand new On the Rocks tour!!
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Published 03/26/23
Welcome to episode 320, where Christine is mad at Em and Eva and has demanded to address it publicly, even though it was their dream selves who did her wrong. This week Em brings us a topic Christine has been asking for: Ley Lines! Then Christine covers the tragic cold case of Lauren Spierer. And...
Published 03/26/23
We’ve got episode 319 coming at ya and we’re peeling back the proverbial curtain on Slack channel microphone mishaps and podcaster group chats! First Em brings us a continuation of their last story on crossroads and liminal spaces with the Goddess Hecate, who among so many other cool things is...
Published 03/19/23