Daniel Garwood, a sous chef at NYC's Atomix and winner of the regional (US) S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Competition, discusses his young, global career.
Published 12/05/22
Emmanuel Laroche discusses his wonderful new book Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door: 50 American Chefs Chart Today's Food Culture.
Published 11/18/22
Published 11/18/22
Culinary world traveler, educator, and philanthropist Shannon Smith discusses her singular life & work.
Published 11/14/22
Charlie Mitchell, chef of Clover Hill restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, NY, discusses his young life and career to date, and the story behind his restaurant, which recently received its first Michelin star.
Published 11/10/22
Chef Gavin Kaysen discusses his new book At Home, and some key moments and people from his career to date.
Published 11/07/22
Chef Bryce Shuman discusses his NYC live fire restaurant Sweetbriar and his path to the pro kitchen.
Published 10/29/22
Chef Tolu "Eros" Erogbogbo discusses his unique road to his West African popup, ILÉ, which has taken Los Angeles by storm this year.
Published 10/24/22
Reem Assil, of Reem's California, joins us to discuss her new book, Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora, and myriad other subjects.
Published 10/14/22
Chef Ariel Fox discusses her eclectic professional background, championship run on television's Hell's Kitchen, and her new cookbook, Spice Kitchen.
Published 10/07/22
During a sit-down at his Connecticut home, the great Jacques Pépin discusses his life, craft, and painting, and how they all converge in his charming new book Art of the Chicken.
Published 09/29/22
Shenarri Freeman discusses her path to the plant-based soul food restaurant Cadence in NYC, and her upcoming residency at J Vineyards Winery in Healdsburg, California.
Published 09/22/22
Friend of the pod Marc Forgione returns to discuss the inspiration for his new restaurant One Fifth, how and why he assumed ownership of Peasant, and his love of landmark spaces.
Published 09/15/22
Anthony Mangieri, the legendary pizzaiolo behind Una PIzza Napoletana, discusses his obsession with his craft.
Published 06/20/22
Japan's Chef Shinobu Namae stops by the pod during a visit to New York City to address the United Nations on World Oceans Day.
Published 06/08/22
New York Times Cooking editor, and writer of the "Where to Eat: New York City" column and newsletter, Nikita Richardson talks restaurants and the path that led her to her current role.
Published 05/27/22
Johnny Clark, co-chef & co-owner of Parachute & Wherewithall restaurants in Chicago, discusses his life & career.
Published 04/26/22
Tom Colicchio discusses the state of the industry, the genesis of the Independent Restaurant Coalition, whether or not the Reset is happening, NFTs, and more.
Published 04/12/22
Chef James Kent (Crown Shy, Overstory, Saga) shares advice for line cooks and aspiring chefs. Recorded before a LIVE audience of line cooks gathered for S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water's "On the Line" dinner series.
Published 03/18/22
Chef Daniel Holzman & writer/editor Matt Rodbard discuss their wonderful new book Food IQ: 100 Questions, Answers, and Recipes to Raise Your Cooking Smarts.
Published 02/22/22
Roy Choi makes his Andrew Talks to Chefs debut to discuss Season 2 of his show "Broken Bread."
Published 02/04/22
Ji Hye Kim shares the story behind her restaurant Miss Kim in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Published 01/31/22
The Oaxacan-born couple behind Brooklyn's Sobre Masa discuss their journey from Mexico to New York & their business' origin story and larger mission.
Published 01/21/22
Chef Kevin O'Donnell shares the story of Giusto restaurant, and why he went to Boston, New York, Italy, & France before returning home to Rhode Island.
Published 01/07/22
Missy Robbins returns to discuss her brilliant second book, Pasta: The Spirit and Craft of Italy's Greatest Food, with Recipes.
Published 01/01/22