1123. Do Moose Get Drunk, Penguins Cheat On Their Mates, Or Worker Ants Lay About?
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Zoologist Lucy Cooke says humans aren’t doing animals any favors when we moralize their behavior. Humans have gone to the Moon and split the atom, but when it comes to understanding animals, we’ve still got a long way to go. So you’ve probably never considered if moose get drunk, penguins cheat on their mates, or worker ants lay about. They do—and that’s just for starters. Also, even if you’re aware of pet scams, you should never buy a pet online. A Volusia County, Florida, woman is heartbroken after she paid her hard-earned money for a dog online. She now wants to warn everyone because these scams break your heart and your wallet. Also,these are the most controversial topics in the pet world right now. Holistic Veterinarian Dr. Judy Morgan takes the topics head on and shares her experiences with CBD’s, her views on Vaccines and the raw diet she feeds her own dogs. Dr. Morgan has an integrative approach combining holistic medicine with traditional Western techniques. Also, a couple who lost 2 dogs while visiting a friend five years ago has one of those dogs, a deaf dog named Army, back today because he was micro-chipped. Their advice? Microchip your pets and keep your contact information updated with the microchip company and the vet. A lot of people think it’s very expensive but at most vet offices you can get your pet micro-chipped for $25 or less and it’s there forever. And finally, a 5-year-old cat was missing in England for 2 weeks. Hatty the cat then turned up on the Royal Albert Bridge. A complicated 6-day, $7,500 rescue mission was launched to rescue the cat, before she simply wandered back home on her own. Still, the good news is Hatty is home and safe, and her owners are vowing to make her an inside only cat.
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