1124. Potential Risks In Being Overly Affectionate With Our Pets
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Chris Perondi runs Stunt Dog Productions and the Stunt Dog Academy in Stockton, California with his wife, Suhey, and their team of canine performers. They perform more than 1,000 shows every year across the country. Today, Chris is on Animal Radio to teach us a trick we can train our dogs. Yes, even yours. Also, new research highlights potential risks in being over-affectionate with our pets by increasing the risk of catching drug-resistant illnesses. While experts acknowledge and even encourage the bond between a pet parent and their fur kids, some are now recommending limits on physical interaction. The danger is posed by the transfer of antibiotic-resistant bugs and carries a risk for humans and animals alike. Also, Bailey, who was no ordinary feline, catapulted to social media mega-stardom. What makes Bailey more addictive than catnip? In addition to his adorable expressions and hilarious, heartfelt antics, Bailey has a penchant for doing things that are demonstratively un-catlike. Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year, activist Bailey’s human Erin Merry waxes poetic about this incredible furry viral sensation. Also, a parrot has been taken into custody after nearly ruining a police raid, because the bird had been trained to be a lookout for his owners who were arrested on suspicion of dealing crack. When police showed up, the bird repeatedly began squawking a phrase that means “Mama, Police!” But, it seems that is all the bird knows. Police took it into custody and said that in the three weeks they had the bird at the police station, the parrot said nothing. Law enforcement claims that there had already been an estimated 1,700 birds seized for having been trained to alert their owners if police approached.
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