#194: Brian Booth Craig - “Evolving Representation”
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www.patreon.com/artistdecoded Brian Booth Craig (b. 1968; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) is a contemporary American representational sculptor. Sculpting from life and imagination, Brian’s work translates traditional techniques into depictions of contemporary human presence, capturing moments of individual self-assertion. Through ambiguous actions, surprising talismans, and subtle gestures, Brian endeavors to reveal the subjectivity of narrative perspective. Brian holds a B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University and an MFA from the New York Academy of Art. For ten years he was the apprentice and studio assistant of the painter and sculptor Audrey Flack. Brian is represented by Louis K Meisel Gallery in New York City. Topics Discussed In This Episode: Brian’s start in sculpture Intellectual pursuits Economic fears of being an artist The internal, external, and emotional narrative to art Creating something unique vs. creating something that “fits” within a craft Representing the body and human nature through sculpture Philosophy and psychology in art “Evidence is the means of making” Materials not being neutral Being addicted to the process Childhood New techniques being advancements Agency of the subject and the male gaze Plant medicine www.artistdecoded.com www.instagram.com/brianboothcraigsculptor www.brianboothcraigstudios.com
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