#200: Justin Daashuur Hopkins - “A Journey Of A Multi-Disciplinary Artist”
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Justin Daashuur Hopkins is a multidisciplinary storyteller (Director and Cinematographer, Musician and Composer, Graphic Designer, and Gallerist). Born into an artistic household, to renowned Illustrator Chris Hopkins and internationally collected sculptor Jan Hopkins, Justin was raised in Mukilteo, Washington, but now lives and works in Los Angeles. At the age of fifteen, he was already doing professional work for multiple clients, including conceptual merchandising and design for Costco, sound design and illustration for RedBull, and music for ESPN TV spots. He also shot the short film “Baristas,” which played to enthusiastic audiences in New York, LA, and Seattle. At the age of eighteen, Justin was hired at Olio Inc, an architectural firm specializing in major hotels in places like Vegas and Dubai. He spent the next five years doing architectural and sound design for international clients. In 2009, he struck out on his own, working as a freelance illustrator and fine art painter. He moved to New York and began showing in numerous international exhibitions, in addition to garnering attention for his commercial work. Upon his return to Los Angeles, Justin co-founded NOH/WAVE, an art agency, and production company, with gallery space downtown. This has given him the opportunity to curate shows by internationally acclaimed artists. His unique aesthetic and attention to detail have made him a sought-after director of film and mixed media video for clients including Universal, RCA, Warner Brothers, Atlantic, Def Jam, and Domino Records. Show Notes: 0:00:00 - Introduction  0:05:00 - Analysis of “Woman in the Dunes” by Hiroshi Teshigahara 0:11:56 - Lineage of NOH/WAVE 0:13:19 - Being A Multidisciplinary Artist  0:16:15 - Justin's Transition From Music to Film 0:17:50 - Justin’s Family Allowed For Freedom of Expression  0:22:10 - Gravitating Toward The Arts 0:24:17 - Yoshino’s Filmmaking and Photography 0:26:39 - Professional Careers, Making Money, and Artistic Struggle 0:30:51 - Romanticizing Artists VS Personal Experiences 0:35:23 - Sacrificing For The Work 0:40:04 - Learning From Each Other 0:41:12 - Evolution of The Self & More “Woman in the Dunes” 0:48:58 - Analysis of “Tokyo Sonata” by Kiyoshi Kurosawa 0:55:21 - Not Examining Just From Surface Level 0:58:10 - “An Artist Says a Hard Thing in a Simple Way” 1:00:27 - All About The Subtext of Information 1:03:55 - Demonization of Drugs and Art 1:05:17 - Investing and Monetization of Ignorance 1:08:58 - Mythology and Psychology 1:10:32 - Film and Book Recommendations 1:11:26 - Advice to Artists and Creatives 1:14:02 - Wrap Up www.artistdecoded.com www.justindaashuurhopkins.com www.instagram.com/justindaashuurhopkins
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