#203: Graham Dunn - "On Photography, Community, and Friendship"
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Graham grew up in Ojai, a small ranching town in Southern California with pink sunsets dipping below the mountains.  He spent his childhood exploring Europe and the Southwestern United States with his travel writer father and family. His upbringing informs his photography, which is largely based in simplicity, nostalgia, nature, and the truth of a moment. Graham lives in Los Angeles with his wife, a kindergarten teacher, and his son, an extremely inventive whippersnapper. Show Notes: 00:00:00 - Introduction  00:04:55 - Teaching all aspects of history  00:08:53 - Homogenization of culture  00:12:22 - The importance of community  00:15:56 - The confluence of non-sequiturs  00:18:36 - The shifting landscape of commercial photography 00:25:00 - Human psychology within photography  00:33:16 - Graham’s projects during covid  00:42:45 - Having a “jack of all trades” approach  00:48:15 - Personal values influencing the way you approach your career  00:54:54 - Having a balanced life  00:56:51 - Learning and adapting from experience  01:06:00 - Mentorship  01:08:00 - Technical learning vs practical learning  01:14:32 - Wrap up www.artistdecoded.com www.instagram.com/grahamdunn http://www.grahamdunnphoto.com/
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