AaS! 139: Astro101 Part 1 - Why bother with astronomy?
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It’s time for school! The Astro101 series will cover some of the most important questions in astronomy. In today’s lesson, we’ll have: Why did people used to study astronomy? Why do they continue to study astronomy? What’s the deal with all this weird jargon? I discuss these questions and more in today’s Ask a Spaceman! Support the show: http://www.patreon.com/pmsutter All episodes: http://www.AskASpaceman.com Follow on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/PaulMattSutter Like on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PaulMattSutter Watch on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/PaulMSutter Read a book: http://www.pmsutter/book Go on an adventure: http://www.AstroTours.co Keep those questions about space, science, astronomy, astrophysics, physics, and cosmology coming to #AskASpaceman for COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE OF TIME AND SPACE! Big thanks to my top Patreon supporters this month: Matthew K, Justin Z, Justin G, Kevin O, Duncan M, Corey D, Barbara K, Neuterdude, Chris C, Robert M, Nate H, Andrew F, Chris L, Cameron L, Naila, Aaron S, Tom B, Scott M, Billy T, Rob H Tim R, Joe R, Neil P, Bryan D, Irene P, Matt C, Iothian53, Steve P, Debra S, Ken L, Alberto M, Ron W, Chris L, Mark R, Alan B, Stephen J, David P, John F, Maureen R, Frank T, Craig B, Jesse A, Steven L, Ulfert B, Dave L, Stace J, S Stark, Richard K, Carol S, Stephen M, Grace M, Jeremy K, Russell W, David B, Tamara F, Robert B, Fr Bruce W, Catherine R, Nicolai B, Sean M, Nate H, Edward K, Ped, Chuck C, Stephen S, Elizabeth W, Eric F, Tracy F, Callan R, George, Tom G, Tom, Sarah K, Jens O, Ella F, Sarah K, JJ_Holy, G Clune, Ryan L, Cindy R, Judy D, Sam R, Tom Van S, Thomas K, James C, Jorg D, Nicole M, Syamkumar M, John S, db8y97, Fred S, COTFM, Darren W, Norm Z, Howard A, Homer V, Kevin P, Robert H, Mark D, Ron S, David W, Antonio M, Brianna V, Becky L, Bruce A, Arthur, Bill H, Justin W, Colin B, Steven M, Richard S, Brent B, Bill E, and Jim L! Music by Jason Grady and Nick Bain. Thanks to Cathy Rinella for editing. Hosted by Paul M. Sutter, astrophysicist and the one and only Agent to the Stars (http://www.pmsutter.com).
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