39: How Do I Get My Kids to Stop Fighting?
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After more than a year of being stuck at home in a pandemic, it’s no surprise siblings are getting on each other's nerves. Should parents step in - or step back - when kids start fighting? Dr. Lisa tackles this question and also explains how parents' approach to conflict can influence how kids fight with their siblings. Reena asks how parents can keep their cool when heads are getting hot, and whether kids can really learn to manage their own conflicts. Dr. Lisa describes strategies that work - having seen them in action during a unique summer job. For Children Everywhere www.giveindia.org Give India helps individuals donate to NGO’s in India helping to fight the Covid-19 outbreak. Send us your questions for our upcoming podcast on talking to kids about race with author Emmanuel Acho. Send questions to asklisa@drlisadamour.com. Additional resources: https://www.drlisadamour.com Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @asklisapodcast
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