186. ASMR Nighttime Chill Time 🦋🎧 TikTok Livestream THU 3/2/23
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✨ASMR Triggers in today's Podcast: 🦋whispered chit-chat 🦋close up whispers 🦋close up ear to ear whispers & mouth sounds 🦋deep ear to ear attention 🦋setup RODE mics  🦋close up mouth sounds 🦋mouth sounds 🦋doing your makeup 🦋brushing your hair 🦋mic triggers 🦋mic scratching  🦋tapping 🦋negative energy plucking/bugs 🦋lip gloss applications 🦋lip gloss pumping 🦋intuition test 🦋follow my instructions 🦋adhd test 🦋car lights with story 🦋follow the light 🦋water sounds 🦋lid sounds 🦋showing you new makeup brushes 🦋glove sounds 🦋ocean sounds 🦋eye exam 🦋eye test 🦋fluff muff scratching/plucking 🦋face touching 🦋ear exam 🦋hearing test 🦋layered sounds 🦋light triggers 🦋inaudible whispers 🦋personal attention 🦋visual asmr/triggers 🎧Headphones/earbuds are highly recommended to ensure you experience the BEST ASMR immersion possible 🦋✨ 🔗Link to all my other socials: https://linktr.ee/asmrazlin 🎙️Podcast Subscription: https://anchor.fm/asmrazlin/subscribe --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asmrazlin/message Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asmrazlin/support
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Hellolololololo my beautiful butterfly 🦋✨ I’ve decided to do something a little different by showing you my nightly skincare routine. I’ll be doing a little bit of self-care and pampering while just chit chatting with you. I’ll also be sharing with you some of my favorite skincare products I use...
Published 04/07/24
✨ASMR Triggers in today's Podcast: 🦋00:00 - BettyCora Sponsor  🦋02:29 - Welcome My Beautiful Butterfly (intro)  🦋03:58 - Butterfly case  🦋06:56 - Pixel BT speaker  🦋10:07 - Paddle brush  🦋13:18 - Tile Coaster  🦋16:25 - Glasses tapping  🦋18:08 - Foundation/powder  🦋19:56 - Wooden...
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