192. ASMR School Nurse Sleep Clinic for TINGLE IMMUNITY 🛌🏾
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Welcome to the ASMR School Nurse Sleep Clinic for TINGLE IMMUNITY! In this video, I will be conducting your sleep clinic trials (with your consent of course) to test out 10 ASMR triggers that are designed to make you tingle and fall asleep INSTANTLY (psst...you'll be cured before Level 10). These 10 tingly triggers are: negative energy plucking, fluff muff mic scratching, clipboard and wooden coaster tapping, lid sounds, follow the light, ear cleaning, facial mist spray, face brushing, foam mic scratching, and unintelligible whispers/mouth sounds. I hope you enjoy my butterfly! ✨ASMR Triggers in today's Podcast: 00:00 - check in 02:51 - checking your vitals 08:05 - relaxation candle & breathing exercise 10:15 - quick rundown of the trials 10:44 - Level 1: negative energy plucking 14:25 - Level 2: fluff muff mic scratching 19:30 - Level 3: clipboard & wooden coaster tapping 24:07 - Level 4: lid sounds 28:57 - Level 5: follow the light 32:00 - Level 6: ear cleaning 38:07 - Level 7: facial mist spray 41:20 - Level 8: face brushing 44:56 - Level 9: foam mic scratching 49:05 - Level 10: unintelligible whispers/mouth sounds 55:16 - analysis & results 🎧Headphones/earbuds are highly recommended to ensure you experience the BEST ASMR immersion possible 🦋✨ 🔗Link to all my other socials: https://linktr.ee/asmrazlin 🎙️Podcast Subscription: https://anchor.fm/asmrazlin/subscribe --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asmrazlin/message
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