202. ASMR Nurse Eye Exam | Eye Chart Test, Follow My Instructions, Follow the Light, Color Test
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Hellolololololo there my beautiful butterfly 🦋✨ In this video, your kind and gentle nurse (me) does your eye exam. I will be conducting a series of tests to monitor the condition and health of your eyes and sight. I will be greeting you and checking you into your eye appointment by verifying some of your personal information you’ve already provided and also asking you about your current eye condition. Once those questions are answered, I will move on to dilating your eyes with eye drops. When your eyes are dilated, I will check the health of your eyes by shining light into them and assess how they respond. Next, I will conduct a series of tests as follows: eye chart test (which will tell me how well your sight is without corrective eye wear or contact lenses), follow my instructions (this is to check your peripheral vision and eye reflexes), follow the light test (to see how well your eyes follow moving light), and lastly a color test (this is to assess how well you see color and if color blindness is developing). Once all tests are conducted, I will go over your results and recommend to you what your next steps should be. I hope your eye exam experience was an enjoyable one and I hope to see you again in the near future. Take care of yourself my beautiful butterfly 🦋✨ 🕐Episode Timestamps🕐 00:00 - welcome to the nurse's office 00:53 - check in & questions 05:18 - dilate your eyes 07:45 - eye check with otoscope 10:45 - eye check with warm & cool light 12:50 - eye chart test 15:29 - follow my instructions test 20:27 - follow the light test 22:45 - color test 30:20 - results & remarks 🎧Headphones/earbuds are highly recommended to ensure you experience the BEST ASMR immersion possible 🦋✨ 🔗Link to all my other socials: https://linktr.ee/asmrazlin+ 🎙️Podcast Subscription: https://anchor.fm/asmrazlin/subscribe --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asmrazlin/message
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