207. ASMR School Nurse Patches You Up ❤️‍🩹 (Personal Attention, Whispered Chat, Taking Care of You)
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Huge shoutout and thanks to FACTOR_ for sponsoring this video! Use code ASMRAZLIN50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at https://bit.ly/47LmJa9! #asmr #factor #sponsored Hellolololololo there my beautiful butterfly 🦋✨ In this video, your school nurse patches you up after you got injured during gym class. You say a soccer ball did all this damage to your lovely face, but I’m not so sure that's the case. These injuries look more like wounds from a fight…have you been fighting? In any case, as your school nurse it’s my job to patch you up. I will do the following: check your temperature, give you an ice pack for your head, check your breathing and heartbeat, quick eye exam to make sure you’re not dazed, patch up your wounds, check your motor skills, and lastly give you some medicine for post care treatment. Please be more careful next time and stay out of fights!...I mean no more “soccer” accidents. Take care of yourself and now it’s back to class 🦋✨ 🕐Video Timestamps🕐 00:00 - FACTOR_ 02:10 - welcome to the school nurse's office 03:40 - temperature, ice pack, checking your breathing & heartbeat 05:42 - quick eye exam & squeeze ball 07:53 - patch up your wounds 21:10 - motor skills check 24:53 - results & remarks, hope you feel better soon Thank you so much for clicking on my little square box of tingles! I really hope you enjoyed this ASMR video and found it to be very peaceful and relaxing! Please comment below your favorite part/trigger of the video, oh, and don't forget to like and subscribe! Sleep well, my butterfly! 🎧✨I highly recommend and encourage you to listen to this video with headphones/earbuds in order to get the best ASMR experience and the most tingles possible. Happy sleeping!! --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/asmrazlin/message
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