Libra Yearly Horoscope 2024 Predictions
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2024 appears to hold promise for those who had obstacles in marriage plans and also for people who faced troubles in begetting children. Peace and harmony could prevail in the family but neighbours can cause some issues. Those employed abroad may have to shoulder more responsibilities. But they may rise to the occasion and earn the respect and appreciation of fellow employees. Private sector employees in communication and information technology can be required to shift their base to some foreign country along with their colleagues and work from there. There can be a heavy workload for government employees attached to ministries. Those working in readymade garment industries in the private sector work wonders in their jobs. Those in the vegetable and grocery business might witness marked progress. Love affairs may fructify this year. Married couples might receive ancestral properties of their spouses. Better income and earnings for construction and Iron smelting plants. School students may overcome some impediments and excel in their studies. There are chances of dehydration to trouble otherwise general health is good.50+ might face sleep disturbances and above 70 might have stomach disorders.   If you would like to find out more about your chart or have a question about astrology you would love the answer to, please do connect with us at Follow AstroVed on IG, Twitter, and FB @AstroVed 
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