Un-Covering the Beatles: #14-10
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Only 2 weeks left! All the links are included below from this episode!!And next week in songs 9-5, you'll learn about the warm side of John Lennon and the song he wrote that would eventually be played at Kurt Cobain's funeral along with the iconic artists who absolutely did justice in their cover version.We'll also tag in probably the Beatles greatest cover version ever written in the song that featured cheering from a concert at the Hollywood Bowl in the original version. In the same token of the above cover artists, you'll also learn about the song that was given to him but he didn't release in time, making way for the Beatles to get it out on schedule which would prove to be the best move for them!All that and more next week. So enjoy this week's episodes and their covers!!!14. Helter Skelter - Motley Crue13. All You Need is Love - Jim Sturgess, TV Carpio & Dana Fuchs12. Blackbird - Cameron MitchellChris Picco's Version (the heartbreaking version spoke about in the episode)11. Here Come the Sun - The Glee Cast10. Hey Jude - Tyler Ward
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This is it guys!! The concluding episode in our Un-Covering the Beatles experiment.  We're recapping songs 30-5, going over honorable mentions and while I don't do it often, I'm getting a little personal today. So hit that play button and see if your favorite song made the list and why you wont...
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Welcome back to Un-Covering the Beatles, where we count my personal top 30 Beatles tunes and elect a cover version to stand in place of the original (in the event the original no longer existed) We've crossed the top 10 Threshold and are rolling into songs 9-5!We're covering the history/meanings...
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