Kenneth Heights Stories: The Capable Nine - Part 1/3
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Christmas is almost here but there isn't time to celebrate. Bethany and her Amish family need help. Locke decides to form a team. A team that can help disperse the bandits that have forced most of the Amish people to abandon their homes. But how many people will Locke recruit? Nine seems like a good number. Music: "Deck the Halls" by Duffmusiq @ "Snow Angels" by Bob Hart @ "Back Alley" by Will Van De Crommert @
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Locke calls Dick about his big supply. Then the gang heads out to Pennsylvania where they meet up with Bethany. There are three bandits holding down the fort, but Locke and his team are ready to kick them out. Music: "Airport Lounge" and "On the Ground" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed...
Published 02/18/22
Published 02/18/22
Jack (voice of Locke) and Rob (writer) get together to recap the entirety of Season 3. They also chat about inspirations for the season, new characters, the convoluted plot, poker, and fun Easter eggs!
Published 08/12/21