Train versus plane
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On this episode of AvTalk, we break down Airbus and Boeing order and delivery numbers for 2021, the FAA’s mysterious ground stop in the western US, and an improbable double crash in California. Order and deliveries Airbus and Boeing reported the yearly order and delivery figures this week. We pick out some of the interesting bits and run the numbers. A most peculiar ground stop The FAA ground stopped traffic in the western US and actually forced some aircraft to land during a brief period on Monday before quickly giving the all-clear. What we know so far (Spoiler alert: not much). A double crash A pilot departing a small LA airport crashed his Cessna onto a railroad crossing and was pulled from the wreckage seconds before a train smashed the aircraft to bits. Aviastar-Tu’s Tu-204C ground fire While preparing to depart Hangzhou, the aircraft’s cargo area caught fire. Qantas returns the A380 to service Qantas operated its first A380 passenger flight since March 2020 this week, marking the early return of the Super Jumbo by the Australian airline. Let us know what you think (and let your friends know too!) Thank you so much for listening! Like the podcast? Have suggestions for future shows? Let us know by leaving a review on iTunes. Reviews on iTunes not only help us make a better show, they help more people find the podcast! Want to send us additional feedback, just email us. And tell that friend who asked you for a podcast recommendation that AvTalk is the one they want to listen to next.
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