My Heart Was Crying - Sara Beysolow Nyanti - Former Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan
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Growing up in Liberia, Sara Beysolow Nyanti is no stranger to the lasting pain of a country ravaged by recurring violence. As Former Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in South Sudan, she often encountered the anguish of those bearing the psychological scars of war. “This woman [told me] we have nightmares … And she talked about losing her four children and she said it without crying. My heart was crying while she was speaking … I couldn't bear it.” Reeling from decades of conflict, South Sudan is now suffering the devastating impacts of climate change. Floods have hit many areas, forcing locals to share dry land with deadly snakes. In this episode, Sara Beysolow Nyanti reflects on the mounting climate threat, prospects for peace, and retaining hope in one of the world’s most dangerous places. “How can I not have sleepless nights when you have to choose between whether you fund the services for gender-based violence, or whether you fund the services for food, because for some children, it's only that one meal in school that they have all day.”
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