New podcast - The Filan Cabinet
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I have a new podcast, where I interview whoever I want about whatever I want. It's called "The Filan Cabinet", and you can find it wherever you listen to podcasts. The first three episodes are about pandemic preparedness, God, and cryptocurrency. For more details, check out the podcast website, or search "The Filan Cabinet" in your podcast app.
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The events of this year have highlighted important questions about the governance of artificial intelligence. For instance, what does it mean to democratize AI? And how should we balance benefits and dangers of open-sourcing powerful AI systems such as large language models? In this episode, I...
Published 11/26/23
Imagine a world where there are many powerful AI systems, working at cross purposes. You could suppose that different governments use AIs to manage their militaries, or simply that many powerful AIs have their own wills. At any rate, it seems valuable for them to be able to cooperatively work...
Published 10/03/23