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Published 10/20/20
New look, same vibes!  Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast www.BackTalkPodcast.com
Published 10/14/20
But also, the solution! BackTalkPodcast.com Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Published 09/30/20
Congratulations to Naomi Osaka, Cardi B files for divorce, and "Walk Dates" Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast Twitter: @_BackTalkPod www.BackTalkPodcast.com
Published 09/16/20
This is a Lil' Murda stan account. Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast Twitter: @_BackTalkPod BackTalkPodcast.com
Published 09/09/20
Megan Thee Stallion update, and who will free Corey Miller? BackTalkPodcast.com Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPod
Published 08/25/20
WAP appreciation episode.  BackTalkPodcast.com Twitter: _BackTalkPod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Published 08/11/20
Kanye update, payers for Megan Thee Stallion, and someone please take Meek Mill's phone! Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast Twitter: @_BackTalkPod BackTalkPodcast.com
Published 07/28/20
More mess.  Twitter: @_backtalkpod Instagram: @backtalkpodcast wwww.backtalkpodcast.com
Published 07/21/20
What's Good: Summer Walker Clownery: Chance The Rapper / Kanye West This week, the Will X Jada X August saga continues as we share our thoughts on Jada and Will's Red Table Talk segment. We also discussed the now infamous Lamborghini truck MoneyBaggYo gifted Ari. BackTalkPodcast.com Twitter: _BackTalkPod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast
Published 07/14/20
New Amine, Pop Smoke, and City Girls..  We also talked about the Viral Haywire Weekend pool party, as well as the Will,  Jada, and August alleged triangle. www.BackTalkPodcast.com Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast
Published 07/08/20
Mercury Retrograde clearly has it out for us. The end of the episode is cut off, but we still wanted to put out something for you guys. Enjoy! Twitter: @_BackTalkPod Instagram: @BackTalkPodcast BackTalkPodcast.com
Published 06/30/20
We're back after a few weeks away, so there was A LOT to get to!  We discussed Virgil and his now infamous donation, B. Simone, Dave Chapelle, the Insecure season finale & more! Twitter: @_backtalkpod Instagram: BackTalkPodcast www.backtalkpodcast.com
Published 06/15/20
This week's episode was packed with topics!  Joe Biden vs black twitter, Doja Cat on OnlyKlans, Future vs Russell (again), a few Verzuz battles, and Insecure S4E7. 
Published 05/27/20
Mother's Day recap, Jason Derulo, Erykah vs. Jill, & Insecure S4E5.
Published 05/12/20
Outside is semi-open, Megan the Stallion and Beyonce collar, classic movies, & Insecure S4E4.
Published 05/04/20
Quarantine day ???, people are drinking lysol, Babyface vs. Teddy Riley, Insecure S4E4
Published 04/28/20
Published 04/28/20
We made it to 100 episodes!!! 
Published 04/21/20
Quarantine Radio is back, Lizzo on Diddy's Instalive, Cults Explained, & Insecure S4 E1.
Published 04/13/20
More quarantine content!
Published 04/07/20
Week 2 of quarantine, IG beat/ songwriter battles, Tiger King, & more!
Published 03/31/20
We're here with a quick update on how we're holding up in this quarantine. Our thoughts and well wishes are with you all. 
Published 03/24/20
The Rona, Evolution of Hip Hop, Love After Lockup, BMs vs Wives, & more!
Published 03/17/20
This week were joined by our engineer Derrick, as we discuss music business contracts, Onlyfans, and what he is looking for in the love department!
Published 03/09/20