After a restorative break, we’re back and ready to fill you in on what we were up to over the holidays! We talk about our high highs (Becca finishing the first draft of her book! Grace’s Chappy Wrap collab dropping TODAY!) and low lows (Omicron anxiety). We also break down everything we read and watched during our time off!    What Grace read over the break The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller Friends Like These by Kimberly McCreight The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro Just One...
Published 01/12/22
This week is our last episode of 2021 and we’re covering holidays past and present! We talk about our favorite holiday memories, recipes, movies, books, gifting advice, what’s on our wish list, and more! We also talk about our thanksgivings, Grace’s recovery from the cold from hell, and Becca finally being able to talk about her secret project!
Published 12/08/21
We’re finishing our end-of-year tradition of interviewing each other, and this time Grace is in the hot seat! Becca asks Grace your questions about the ins and outs of her job, if blogging has ever impacted her self-image, if she’d ever write a book, her favorite Charleston spots, long-distance relationship advice, if she got her driver’s license yet, and so much more!
Published 12/01/21
This week we finally get to discuss our November Book Club pick, Ghosts by Dolly Alderton. This book captured modern dating in a way we haven’t seen before, and honestly, we can’t agree on if the ending was satisfying or not.
Published 11/24/21
We’re so excited to continue our yearly tradition of interviewing each other, starting off with Grace interviewing Becca! (Grace will have her turn in the hot seat in a few weeks!) Grace asks Becca your questions about bookish things, her new creative projects, career reflections, dating & friendship advice, what she’s learned about herself in the past year, and So! Much! More!
Published 11/17/21
It’s been a big year of reading, and today we’re talking about our favorite books from 2021! We each picked a top 5 and also had our listeners weigh in on the best books—from thrillers to romance to non-fiction to backlist—they read this year. If you’re in search of book recs, look no further, we have the best of the best for you!
Published 11/10/21
This week we interviewed Grace Bonney, founder of Design Sponge to talk about her new book, Collective Wisdom! We learn how she got to where she is today, what inspired her to write a book about women over 50, how she found the women featured in her book, and the interviews that had the greatest impact on her. We also talk about Design Sponge, how it felt to close it down on her terms, and her thoughts on going back to school as an adult!
Published 11/03/21
It’s book club week and this month we’re talking about A Special Place for Women by Laura Hankin. Capturing start-up culture can be a hit or miss, and we really think Laura Hankin got it right in this book. A Special Place for Women follows a daring reporter who infiltrates an exclusive female-run members club, whose members are far more powerful than she imagined. We also talk about not knowing what’s next, Becca’s Sweater status, and Grace’s accidental trespassing adventure.
Published 10/27/21
Since we both celebrated our birthdays recently, we thought it would be fun to spend today’s episode reminiscing and looking forward. We reminisce on our most memorable birthdays as kids, have a very in-depth conversation about ice cream cake, and talk about how 40th birthday parties are the year to go ALL OUT. We also talk about aging and if/how milestone birthdays spark anxiety about getting older.
Published 10/20/21
This week, we’re chatting with our friend and standup comedian, Casey Basham! We talk about how we met, how she got into standup comedy, and how she adjusted to doing comedy in the pandemic! We also dive into her comedy about fertility, how people have received it, how it has become a cathartic outlet for her, and her special INCONCEIVABLE filming on October 26! We also talk about Grace’s Vienna trip, Becca’s sweater-knitting project, and everything we’ve been reading the past week!
Published 10/13/21
After our episode with Anne Helen Petersen about burnout, we realized that we also have a lot to say on the subject and wanted to do a follow-up episode about our own experiences with burnout. If you haven’t listened to our episode with Anne Helen Petersen, you can listen here. We talk about our experiences with burnout both professionally and personally, burnout guilt, and some recent realizations about “having it all”.
Published 10/06/21
t’s finally time for The Magic of Found Objects Book Club! This Book felt totally different than others we’ve read recently and we’re so excited to talk about it! In addition to talking all about the book, we also talk about Becca’s trip to Palm Beach, Grace’s birthday party prep, and the struggle of being a beginner again at something you used to be great at.
Published 09/29/21
This week, we got the chance to talk with Anne Helen Petersen, writer of the newsletter Culture Study, and author of Can’t Even: How Millennials Became The Burnout Generation. We talk about her personal definition of burnout, why millennials are more afflicted with burnout than other generations, how the pandemic sparked a new form of burnout, how social media impacts burnout, and so much more! She also shares her advice on how to tell if you’re burning out and how to avoid falling into it!
Published 09/22/21
This week we’re answering all your questions! We cover some quick things like apartment decor wins (and regrets), dream vacation destinations, and new book releases we’re excited about…and also discuss tackle more serious stuff like how we stay sane and happy when times are hard, how to leave a job you hate, financial security, our favorite newsletters and more! We also dive into meatier questions like how to get over imposter syndrome and how to advocate for yourself and say ‘no’ at work!
Published 09/15/21
This week, we chat with Aishwarya Iyer, founder of Brightland. We talk about what motivated her to start an olive oil company, her tips for finding high-quality cooking oils, and a new Brightland launch coming this fall! She also shares her advice for those starting their own brand and her tips on how to overcome imposter syndrome. We also talk about Becca’s need for a beach day, Grace’s salad with potatoes, and RomComPods making it to the Sunday Arts section of the New York Times!
Published 09/08/21
This week, we looked back on our 2021 Resolutions Episode to check in about how the goals we’ve achieved, and what goals we’ve decided to save for later! Grace talks about how she’s taking the time to dive into her personal interests and investing in lasting partnerships at work, while Becca shares her RomComPods wins and how she’s keeping up with her skincare routine. We also talk about future goals we’re hoping to manifest!
Published 09/01/21
This week, we finally get to talk about our August Book Club Pick, Ace of Spades by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé! This psychological thriller is the best YA book we’ve read this year and will definitely keep you guessing (and reading!). Ace of Spades follows two senior students at an elite prep school, Devon and Chiamaka, who are getting targeted as the subject of anonymous text blasts to the whole school revealing their dark secrets. Make sure you finish the book before listening to avoid spoilers!
Published 08/25/21
This week’s episode is all about lifelong learning! While we’re not going back to school ourselves, we talk about how we try to incorporate learning into our lives through the excitement of a new hobby, online classes, and non-fiction reading and listening. We also chat about our alternate life college majors, all of Becca’s hobby love affairs, and Grace’s tendency to fall down an information rabbit hole. We also hear from listeners about what they do to be lifelong learners!
Published 08/18/21
This week we’re speaking with Nell Diamond, Founder & CEO of Hill House Home, and the brain behind the much-beloved Nap Dress! We talk about her life before founding Hill House, why she thinks the Nap Dress has such a huge fandom, and some exciting Nap Dress developments on the horizon! We also talk about our highs and lows of the week, Grace’s trip to NYC, and Becca’s questionable candy habits.
Published 08/11/21
We’re baaaack! This week we’re catching up on what we’ve been up to during our summer hiatus! We also break down everything we’ve been reading and watching, our Instagram faves, our new obsessions, and more! P.S. would you read Becca’s magical startup celebrity love story novel featuring magical unsupervised teens? Let us know!
Published 08/04/21
This week on the podcast we’re talking all things People We Meet on Vacation with the author, Emily Henry! For such a light read the conversation gets quite serious. We talk about that feeling of discontent some thirty-somethings experience when they achieve their goals, her writing process, how real-life vacations inspired scenes in the book, and her favorite romance tropes. We also talk about Amazon Prime Day Finds! Don’t forget: We are taking the month of July off but we’ll be back on...
Published 06/30/21
This week on the podcast we’re chatting with one of our favorite authors, Elin Hilderbrand! We talk about the origin story of her first book, how she found her way to Nantucket, what book was the hardest to write, and how she feels about being called the “queen of beach reads.” We also talk about our really great weeks, Becca’s pilot scriptwriting process, and our excitement for the Summer 2021 TV Lineup!
Published 06/23/21
It’s been a minute since we’ve done a shopping episode so today we wanted to give you a big shopping update. This week’s episode is all about the clothes, skincare, beauty products (and more!) we’ve been buying lately. We also catch up on life, reading, and a recent TV fave.
Published 06/16/21
This week is all about career changes! We talk about our career paths and answer your questions including: How do you know it’s time to change careers? How do you adjust to working from home? How can I make the shift from one industry to another? We also cover our impromptu Charleston reunion and how we’re pushing through the urge to doze off as our calendars fill up! 
Published 06/09/21
Today we are joined by our dear friend Katie Sturino, body acceptance advocate and founder of Megababe Beauty. This episode is basically a three-way phone conversation among friends but the big thing is that we talk about her amazing new book, Body Talk, and her journey towards body acceptance. We also use this time to catch up with Katie, covering her summer travel plans, new Megababe launches, what brands we want to see extend their size range, and the surprising struggle of creating...
Published 06/02/21