Is THORChain (RUNE) Undervalued? with Erik Voorhees and Chad Barraford
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What is THORChain? Join David as we explore the liquidity protocol that allows swapping between BTC, ETH, and more without intermediaries. Chad Barraford is a core developer at THORChain, and Erik Voorhees is a Bankless staple who has found a deep resonance with THORChain's mission. Is THORChain helping build the Bankless future? Come find out. ----- 🏹 Airdrop Hunter is HERE, join your first HUNT today  ------ BANKLESS SPONSOR TOOLS: 🐙KRAKEN | MOST-TRUSTED CRYPTO EXCHANGE ⁠  ⁠ 🦊METAMASK PORTFOLIO | MANAGE YOUR WEB3 EVERYTHING ⁠  ⚖️ARBITRUM | SCALING ETHEREUM ⁠  ⁠ 🔗CELO | CEL2 COMING SOON  👾GMX | V2 IS NOW LIVE  💲 USDV | NATIVE OMNICHAIN STABLECOIN  ------ TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 3:30 What is Thorchain 7:10 Erik and Shapeshift 10:20 How it Works 13:40 Is this a Bridge? 17:00 Staking and Security 20:00 Rune 28:45 Bitcoin and Ethereum 32:20 Latency 36:00 The Bull Case for Thorchain 38:40 Specialization 40:40 The Roadmap and Community 44:00 Get Involved ------ RESOURCES Erik Voorhees:  Chad Barraford  THORChain Website  THORChain Twitter  ------ Not financial or tax advice. See our investment disclosures here:⁠ 
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