Martyn O'Dare of Firetree Chocolate
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Firetree Chocolate in the UK has been making single origin dark chocolate from primarily Pacific island origins since launching in 2018, and they’re among my favorite single origin makers. As much as I love their complex bars, I also love their beautiful packaging, with its swirling colors and gold etching. Their motto is Rich Volcanic Chocolate, referencing the volcanic soil of the islands where their cacao is grown. I sat down recently with Firetree’s chocolate maker Martyn O’Dare to talk about Firetree and making chocolate that respects the nuances of each cacao origin and the farmers who grew it. Listen in as Martyn shares the story of Firetree. You can learn more about Firetree here. You can order Firetree through Bar & Cocoa and receive 10% of your first order using this referral. Click to order the Final Gravity Issue 02, or to purchase tickets to the Virtual Belgian Strong Ale Tasting. Follow Bean to Barstool on social media! Instagram Twitter Facebook Pinterest TikTok Sign up for host David Nilsen's newsletter to get regular updates!
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