Learning/Unlearning—Sarah Bharath on Cacao Lavado, Teaching with Stories, & Unlearning What We Think We Know
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I never come away from a conversation with cacao agronomist Sarah Bharath without learning something, and it's probably because Sarah never comes away from anything without learning. Her curiosity and excitement to learn drive the very important work she does working with cacao farmers to better understand the ecosystems of their cacao farms, how to work with the land and its resident microbes, and how to adapt fermentation practices to a changing environment and climate.  For Sarah, learning and teaching form a symbiotic relationship, each thriving best in the other’s company.  Sarah’s been on the show twice before, and you can listen to those episodes here: Episode 55 with Chris Heier of Half-Hitch Brewing Episode 59 on Cacao Fermentation In this episode, Sarah and I start out talking about cacao lavado, or unfermented cacao. It’s a perfect example of how Sarah approaches topics: cacao Has to be fermented, right? Sure, except when it doesn’t, and how do we know when that is unless we break an accepted rule and experiment, right? We then transition to talking more directly about the nature of learning and teaching. A few months ago I wrote a blog post on beantobarstool.com about the cycles of knowledge and confusion that accompany any dedicated effort to learn about something like beer or chocolate, particularly related to the organizational systems that have developed to make sense of both fields.  Listen is as we talk about learning, unlearning, and teaching, and how each informs the others. Follow Bean to Barstool on social media! Instagram Facebook Pinterest TikTok Sign up for host David Nilsen's newsletter to get regular updates!
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