Bite Sized: 5 Minutes with Chris Heier of Half Hitch Brewing
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In this episode of Bean to Barstool Bite Sized we hear from Chris Heier, co-founder and head brewer at Half Hitch Brewing in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. At the height of the pandemic when most people were learning to make sourdough bread, Chris was learning how to make bean to bar chocolate. He's one-fourth Trinidadian, and he sourced cacao from Trinidad & Tobago through Meridian Cacao and made chocolate from it. He also made a chocolate Porter with the same cacao, and in this quick episode, Chris tells us about developing that beer and what he learned along the way. You can listen to my full interview with Chris here. Follow Bean to Barstool on social media! Instagram Facebook Pinterest TikTok Sign up for host David Nilsen's newsletter to get regular updates!
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