Bonus: All About Malt
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Hops get a lot of buzz from beer lovers because of their expressive, fruity aromas and flavors, but malt is really the foundational ingredient of beer. You can technically brew beer without hops (though all commercial examples contain them), but you can’t brew it without malted grain, and the different malt varieties offer a dazzling rainbow of potential colors, aromas, flavors, and textures for building a new beer.  So what is malt, how is it made, how is it used in brewing, and what flavors and characteristics does it provide for beer? In this bonus episode, we talk all about the basics of malt. Follow Bean to Barstool on social media! Instagram Facebook Pinterest TikTok Sign up for host David Nilsen's newsletter to get regular updates!
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Published 05/28/24
Published 05/28/24
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