269: Epiphanies, Acting different w different people, Self-destructive behavior
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In today's show, Dr. Lisle discusses: 1) Why do I often get small epiphanies about various things in my life when I'm half asleep?  2) I’ve noticed many people act differently around close friends and family than they do around coworkers and strangers. So, how do we know what our true personalities are? For example, I’m the life of the party around people I know very well, but totally shy and quiet around strangers and at work. I’m also quite disagreeable with close friends and family, but highly agreeable with everyone else. Is it my high conscientiousness that causes me to be such a Chamaeleon? 3)Do other animals (besides humans) show self destructive behaviour? Why are humans so self destructive?
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In today's show, the Dr's discuss: 1. I listened to Dr Howk on pseudo esteem where you say:  If you are highly agreeable, highly conscientious and not that emotionally stable - being on social media comes with a high price for you psycolgy.  I teach workshops for companies and I get graded every...
Published 12/30/21
Published 12/27/21