You're Not the Rizzler Anymore (Episode 400)
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For this, the 400th episode of Beautiful Anonymous, Gethard talks with a Gen Z law student who's getting ready to pick up her aunt, an 80 year old nun, so they can head home for the holidays. She catches him up on new slang, breaks down the specific horrors particular to each dating app, and then Geth puts her in the hot seat to help him understand exactly when he stopped being cool. We're also SO excited to finally announce that Beautiful/Anonymous+ is here, and you can sign up right now and At the "Rotary" tier, for five bucks a month, you get five random questions with the caller so you get to know them better. At the ten dollar a month "Touch Tone" tier, you get the extended episode, plus a monthly five question episode with a classic caller from the show's past AND once a month we put out a phone number just for people subscribing at this level.  There's also a "Cellular Technology" tier which is a pay what you want level for people who have disposable income and want to show a little extra support for our show. You get everything at the "Touch Tone" tier, plus a letter of thanks written by Geth and mailed to you. Thank you for using some of your independent wealth to help support our show! If you sign up right now, you'll find the extra five questions for this episode, which include one of the best worst dating stories you'll ever hear, plus episodes rounding up all of the 5 Questions segments we've recorded with callers over the past few months, AND our first past caller follow up with listener favorite, "Selling Sex Toys in Vegas." There's plent to dive into, and we're going to keep it coming. Help your family share their story this holiday season with StoryWorth. Go to today and save $10 on your first purchase! To get 15% off your next gift, go to Please visit and use code BEAUTIFUL15 for 15% off your next order. To learn more about Laughing Together, head to Listen to Gethard’s newest special, A Father and the Sun Keep up with Gethard's tour dates at Leave us a voicemail at (973) 306-4676‬ Follow Beautiful/Anonymous on Instagram @beautifulanonymouspod Sign up for Beautiful/Anonymous+ to get access to exclusive content!
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