1.10 - Oblivion
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In the season one finale, oblivion comes to Charity, Oregon…that is, unless Lara can get there first.   Transcript for this episode is available at BelieverPodcast.com   Content notes Harm to wild animals, distressed animal sounds Human screaming, including children Cult behavior, religious content Violence Loud noises/chaos Nausea/retching sounds Respiratory distress   Cast (in order of appearance) Abe - Miles Langerman Jake - Jason Markoff Lara - Julie Saunders Rose - Mara Hernandez Camille - Sara Gorsky Cult Children - Kip Parshall, Duke Parshall SodaPop - Archie Terri - Rosa Delgado Dr. Simmons - Samantha Ronceros Nurse - Jillian Cardillo Various - Seth Ellsworth Mysterious Man - Javier Ronceros   Crew Written/Directed/Produced by Julie Saunders Sound design by Ester Ellis Additional sound design assistance by Andrew Wardlaw   Music "Julie's Melody (Believer Theme)," by Aaron Ferenc “Big Announcement,” by Out to the World “Diffusion Echo,” by Ethan Sloan “Trailing,” by Christian Andersen “Night Swap,” by Bill Ferngren “Gravity Fields,” by Hampus Naeselius “Face of the Earth,” by Jakob Ahlbom “The Vanished,” by John Barzetti “Breathe it in Deep,” by Hampus Naeselius “A Sky Sparkling,” by Johannes Bornlof “Passed Danger,” by Farrell Wooten “I Will Fool You,” by Bothnia   Music tracks (other than Believer Theme) courtesy of Epidemic Sound. Phone voice generated at https://filmmusic.io/voiceovers Sponsored by Zencastr, an online recording and podcasting platform. Click this link or go to Zencastr.com and enter promo code "believer" for 30% off your pro plan.
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