The case for reading fiction at work
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“Fiction seems to do something in our brains that nonfiction doesn't.” What was the last book you read? And did you know it gave you something more than just some relaxing downtime? It turns out that books, especially fiction, can develop key skills needed for our careers. Book and short story recommendations mentioned: Poseidon, Franz Kafka The Helpline, Katherine Collette Out of Sheer Rage, Geoff Dyer
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Published 02/16/24
It’s been dubbed the Hollywood narrative of leadership - that leaders are special, and that we can’t work or succeed without them. This is what Professor Alex Haslam calls ‘Zombie Leadership’. In their paper, Alex and his co-authors detail what Zombie Leadership looks like and how we can kill...
Published 02/16/24
It’s estimated we make up to 35,000 decisions every day so how can you make better decisions at work?  Before you start drawing up pros and cons lists, listen to this episode to hear how you can make decisions with less stress and a lot more satisfaction - from small everyday ones, to big ones...
Published 02/11/24