Why so tired? The 'Great November' disease at work
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“If I can just get to Christmas, fall over the finishing line, it’ll all be fixed.” Sounds about right, but unfortunately it’s not true. In this episode we’re diving into why we’re feeling so tired, how it’s impacting our work and what we can do about it while avoiding the ‘Great November’ disease.
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Published 02/23/24
There's been a lot of talk about the new right to disconnect laws. But what do they mean for you, practically?  In this episode you'll understand how it'll help you switch off from work (and what that will do for your health and wellbeing) and what you and your team can do to prepare.  
Published 02/23/24
It’s been dubbed the Hollywood narrative of leadership - that leaders are special, and that we can’t work or succeed without them. This is what Professor Alex Haslam calls ‘Zombie Leadership’. In their paper, Alex and his co-authors detail what Zombie Leadership looks like and how we can kill...
Published 02/16/24