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It’s estimated we make up to 35,000 decisions every day so how can you make better decisions at work?  Before you start drawing up pros and cons lists, listen to this episode to hear how you can make decisions with less stress and a lot more satisfaction - from small everyday ones, to big ones like changing career.
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Published 04/12/24
From creativity to collaboration, to growth and generosity, we can easily name values. But can we as easily apply them in our day-to-day work?  Hear how we can more effectively identify and apply values in our jobs and why it’s so important to do so.  Guests: Greta Bradman - Psychologist and...
Published 04/12/24
We all know the impact stress can have on our minds and bodies. But it turns out that it’s not the stress itself that’s impacting our health - it’s how we think about it. In the fifth and final instalment of This Working Life's special series about your health at work, we hear stories of...
Published 04/05/24