Published 12/11/23
In this special rebroadcast, Dr. Benjamin Bikman, the renowned metabolic research scientist is back. And in this episode, he and Dr. Stephanie dive into the complexities of insulin resistance and sensitivity during the menstrual cycle, and also discuss the importance of protein and the best types to include in your diet. Watch the full video at https://youtu.be/RvI7rTHRNz8
Published 12/11/23
Dr. Kyle Gillett and Dr. Stephanie discuss hormones, focusing on the nuances of testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and DHEA, and how these hormones transform the various stages of life. Watch the full video on YouTube at https://youtu.be/jP7yd3WAxfE
Published 12/04/23
Dr. Anurag Singh and Dr. Stephanie delve into the world of aging well and explore the remarkable compound, Urolithin A, which truly lives up to the title of "game changer." Watch the full interview on YouTube https://youtu.be/bfTetXdEWss
Published 11/30/23
Dr. Stephanie sits down with Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng, a critical care and palliative care physician at the Ottawa Hospital for a therapeutic and enlightening conversation about healthcare policy, with a particular focus on the COVID pandemic. Watch the full video at https://youtu.be/zXICnMnvNY0
Published 11/27/23
Contrary to popular belief, burnout is not a liability; it is a wake-up call. To reverse it, you need a different kind of prescription, one that addresses the root causes. In this episode, Dr. Neha and Dr. Stephanie delve into the physical and psychological consequences of stress on the body. Watch the full episode at https://youtu.be/o3cSxI-msOs
Published 11/20/23
Brian Johnson is the founder and CEO of Heroic, a modern-day philosopher, and a global influencer. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Brian delve into his new book, “Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential," exploring the virtues necessary for living a fulfilled life. Watch the full video at: https://youtu.be/Eo6UrzCP4Ks
Published 11/13/23
Mark Sisson and Dr. Stephanie dive deep into the secrets of longevity and what it takes to live a long and healthy life. Watch the full episode at https://youtu.be/ePhcOrYVmKE
Published 11/06/23
In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Steven Munatones discuss the science behind BFR (blood flow restriction) and how it can help you build bigger muscles with lighter weights. Watch the full video at https://youtu.be/vrEe_Lqmpcw
Published 10/30/23
This episode focuses on two remarkable algae varieties: spirulina, a vibrant blue-green algae packed with collagen, B vitamins, and essential amino acids, and chlorella, another green gem with unique properties. Discover the differences between these algae powerhouses, when and how to incorporate them into your daily routine, and the science behind their health-boosting effects.
Published 10/26/23
In this fascinating conversation with sports scientist Erik Korem, he and Dr. Stephanie dive deep into unlocking better physical performance, enhancing psychological flexibility, optimizing your health without sacrificing time, and yes, even the art of making friends. Watch the full interview on YouTube - https://youtu.be/oD8SbRYMnvM
Published 10/23/23
If you want to optimize your health, enhance your performance, or improve your sleep quality, this episode is a must-listen. Join Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Kirk Parsley for an engaging discussion that goes deep into the world of sleep optimization, recovery, and performance enhancement. Watch this episode on YouTube at https://youtu.be/82hOti-hAzg
Published 10/16/23
Dr. Dale Bredesen shares insights on preventing Alzheimer's through personalized brain health, addressing genetics, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation, testing, and a holistic approach to healthcare are key. Watch the full episode on YouTube https://youtu.be/2yrb4KOzquw
Published 10/09/23
The importance of circadian alignment and minimizing circadian disruption for optimal health. Kristen Holmes shares insights on topics like alcohol's impact on sleep, the effects of sleep debt on cognitive function, and the importance of feeling safe in sexual relationships.
Published 10/02/23
In this episode, Dr. Stephanie Estima and Matt Maruca discuss the impact of light on our natural rhythms, emphasizing the importance of sunlight and the consequences of an indoor lifestyle. They challenge misconceptions about the sun and explore the connection between light, health, and hormonal balance.
Published 09/25/23
Embark on a journey of self-discovery in the world of emotional power, neuroscience, and resilience with the remarkable Julia DiGangi, Ph.D., neuropsychologist and author of Energy Rising.
Published 09/18/23
This episode provides a comprehensive exploration of hormone replacement therapy for women during perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Stephanie Estima addresses the historical mistreatment of women in medicine, dispels myths surrounding HRT, and emphasizes the importance of individualized care and patient advocacy.
Published 09/11/23
Get ready for a mind-expanding journey as we rekindle a vital conversation with Lara Adler. Buckle up as we unravel the truths about Endocrine-Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) and learn how to embark on a path to a healthier future.
Published 09/04/23
In this episode, Dr. Stephanie has a conversation with Caroline Alan, co-founder and CEO of Beam Minerals, about the importance of minerals for overall wellness. They delve into topics such as soil depletion, genetically modified organisms, and glyphosate, and explore how minerals can improve digestion, cognitive health, detoxification, and skin health.
Published 08/31/23
Dr. Nicole LePera shares insights on relationship challenges faced by successful women. Topics include childhood impact, conflict resolution, and balancing career and personal life. Valuable strategies for enhancing relationships are provided.
Published 08/28/23
In this episode, we examine the pressures of success and perfectionism in our society. We explore the root causes of perfectionism, societal influences, and personal experiences. We discuss the impact on creativity, fear of failure, and the need for self-compassion. We also touch on the relationship between wealth, economic growth, and happiness.
Published 08/21/23
Kashif Khan, CEO of The DNA Company discusses longevity, cardiovascular health, weight management, and the intersection of genetics and epigenetics. This is a very interesting and relevant conversation with tons of valuable information for listeners... including a few tangents.
Published 08/14/23
Dr. Caroline Leaf is a communication pathologist, audiologist, and clinical and cognitive neuroscientist specializing in psychneurobiology and metacognitive neuropsychology. Her passion is to help people see the power of the mind to change the brain, control chaotic thinking, and find mental peace.
Published 08/07/23
Meet Ulrich Dempfle, the CEO and co-founder of the Carol Bike, a game-changing exercise equipment that offers efficient workouts in just a few minutes. In this episode, we discuss the psychological resistance to shorter workouts and how the Carol Bike overcomes this by delivering effective results in a short time.
Published 07/31/23
This is part 2 of an interview with Paul Attia, a trial lawyer, family business advisor and an executive in his own family’s enterprise. Working as a litigator for nearly 15 years has provided Paul ringside seats to the results of poor decision making and perhaps this superpower is why he was able to deal with - and ultimately thrive - after a life changing head injury that left him feeling like a different person.
Published 07/24/23