Where to now for Labor? And will the UK get Brexit for Christmas?
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Six months after losing the unlosable election, what now for the Australian Labor Party? Some believe that Bill Shorten took the right mix of policies to the May 18 election. Others say there should have been a shift towards the centre. One thing was clear. The voting public did not want either. Nick Dyrenfurth, executive director of the John Curtin Research Centre and author of Getting the blues: the future of Australian Labor. Emma Dawson, executive director of Per Capita. Also Britain is heading towards the most unpredictable and important general election in living memory. Will it be enough to solve the Brexit crisis? Isabel Oakeshott, former political editor at the Sunday Times and Sunday Mail and co-author of Call me Dave, a biography of former British prime minister David Cameron. Mary Dejevsky, columnist with The Guardian and The Independent and former correspondent in Washington and Moscow.
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