Australia's very own Brexit and how to be a dictator
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Why haven't we in Australia witnessed a populist explosion? Not One Nation nor Clive Palmer can compare with the nativism now seen across Europe and the US. There have been no Trump or Brexit moments for us. Are we due for one? Sam Roggeveen, author of Our very own Brexit: Australia's hollow politics and where it could lead us, a Lowy Institute Paper and director of the Lowy Institute’s International Security Program. Also Dictators. History is littered with them-Hitler, Stalin, Mao tse-tung... But while many lament the so-called 'crisis' of democracy today, even rulers like Putin, Xi Jinping, Erdogan and Orban hardly compare with the dictators of the 20th century. Frank Dikotter, author of How to be a Dictator and guest of both Perth and Adelaide writers festivals.
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