55. Mike Olbinski: Storm Chasing Photographer and Cinematographer on Tornado Encounters, Haboobs, Supercells, and Risk Taking
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Mike Olbinski is a Phoenix, Arizona-based storm chasing and extreme weather photographer and cinematographer.  His passion is capturing extreme weather events like tornados, haboobs, supercells, and lightning events on camera and stunning cinematic time lapse videos.  Topics Richard and Mike discuss: A Texas tornado that was one of Mike's 2023 highlightsWhat is an haboob and how are they created?Mike's career-altering haboobSupercells and mesocyclonesStorm chasing and risk takingThe dangers of wet roadsDo storm chasers root for storms?Weather apps for storm chasersTime lapse videosNot your typical storm-chasing wedding photographerAnd much more. Notable Links: Mike Olbinski Website Mike Olbinski Instagram Mike Olbinski You Tube Channel Storm Photos of the Year RadarScope Weather App RadarOmega GR Level 3 LR Timelapse ***** This episode was brought to you by Luminar Neo. Luminar Neo helps photographers with everything needed to edit and process photos that look amazing on the screen and in print. Luminar Neo was designed for hobbyists and pros alike and includes the most effective AI-powered editing tools and extensions all in one intuitive and easy-to-use app. You can use Luminar Neo as a standalone app on Windows and Mac computers or as a plugin for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop so you can keep your existing workflow while having access to powerful editing tools you just can’t find anywhere else. Learn more about Luminar Neo and how it can help you improve your creativity in photo editing by visiting the Skylum website. ***** This episode is brought to you by Kase Filters. I travel the world with my camera, and I can use any photography filters I like, and I've tried all of them, but in recent years I've landed on Kase Filters. Kase filters are made with premium materials, HD optical glass, shockproof, with zero color cast, round and square filter designs, magnetic systems, filter holders, adapters, step-up rings, and everything I need so I never miss a moment. And now, my listeners can get 10% off the Kase Filters Amazon page when they visit. beyondthelens.fm/kase and use coupon code BERNABE10 Kase Filters, Capture with Confidence.
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