NYC Artist Lofts & Brooklyn Rooftops, with Joshua Charow & Josh Katz
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How much do you know about New York City’s 1982 Loft Law, which established a process for artists to obtain legal occupancy of the raw industrial spaces they inhabited, while also providing rent stabilization and protection from future eviction? Or the pigeon fanciers who were once a fixture across the rooftops of Brooklyn and remain valued as neighborhood sentinels? If these poetic vestiges from Gotham’s storied past have you dreaming about the good old days, then you won’t want to miss our podcast with gen-Z New Yorkers (and good buddies) Joshua Charow and Josh Katz. Their ambitious, self-assigned photo projects explore rarified mini-worlds featuring magical artist spaces and exuding West Side Story vibes. While their respective explorations occupy opposite ends of the struggle for prized urban space, the insights they share when discussing both their working methods and their paths to publishing are instructive and inspirational. What’s more, their spirited camaraderie in conversation is infectious! As Charow aptly notes toward the end of the episode, “I have to say, I don’t know if this book would exist without Josh Katz. Because I started this project towards the end of him finishing his, and as a close friend, he was able to basically show me the roadmap of how you get from idea to a finished book. And like he said, it’s really hard to understand how that works without someone in your life who can show you the steps you have to take.” And for bonus points, listen up to discover the former guest of the show who also sat down with Charow, and ultimately lined him up with a book agent! For more information on our guests and the gear they use, see: Guests: Joshua Charow and Josh Katz Top shot © Joshua Charow Stay Connected: Joshua Charow Website: Joshua Charow Instagram: Joshua Charow TikTok: Joshua Charow Twitter: Joshua Charow YouTube: Joshua Charow Loft Law book: Joshua Charow Westwood Gallery Exhibit: Katz Website: Josh Katz Instagram: Josh Katz YouTube: Josh Katz Kickstarter campaign: Josh Katz On the Roof book: Josh Katz Skatefolio Project:
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