Bhagwat Gita - Adhyay 17: Shraddha-traya-vibhaga Yoga - The Yoga of Threefold Faith
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Welcome back to the Bhagwat Gita podcast! In this episode, we will explore the seventeenth chapter of the Gita, titled "Shraddha-traya-vibhaga Yoga - The Yoga of Threefold Faith". This chapter discusses the concept of faith and its three types - sattvic (mode of goodness), rajasic (mode of passion), and tamasic (mode of ignorance). Lord Krishna explains that one's actions, food, sacrifice, charity, and austerity are all influenced by the type of faith one has. The chapter also highlights the importance of performing actions without attachment to their results and with devotion to God. Join us as we delve into the profound teachings of this chapter, and learn how we can develop sattvic faith and perform actions that lead to our spiritual evolution. By understanding the three types of faith and their effects on our lives, we can make conscious choices that lead to our spiritual progress and happiness. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.