RIP Blue Checks, The Open Letter To Stop AI, Startup Funding After SVB
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Erin Griffith is a reporter at the New York Times. She joins Big Technology Podcast to break down the week's news. We cover: 1) The end of Blue Check verification on Twitter for notable users. 2) The open letter to stop AI research processing beyond its current state. 3) Whether we could stop developing AI technology, even if we wanted to. 4) Italy's plan to stop ChatGPT. 5) Police departments using facial recognition to make wrongful arrests. 6) The rising field of 'prompt engineers.' 7) Startup funding after SVB 8) The continuing wind down of SPACs. 9) Gweneth Paltrow's victory in her skiing trial. Enjoying Big Technology Podcast? Please rate us five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in your podcast app of choice. For weekly updates on the show, sign up for the pod newsletter on LinkedIn: Questions? Feedback? Write to: [email protected]
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