State Of The AI Wars, Google's Counterpunch, Elon's 4/20
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Nico Grant of The New York Times joins Ranjan Roy and Alex Kantrowitz for our weekly news recap show. We cover: 1) The state of the AI war between Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI 2) Google's AI reorganization and what it means 3) Sundar Pichai's PR offensive 4) Google's forthcoming product counterpunch 5) How finances factor in to the companies' decision 6) Where we are on the innovation curve 7) The forthcoming multimodal models 8) Who wins 9) Elon's rough 4/20 10) The end of BuzzFeed News and the end of fun online 11) Some optimism about the future --- Enjoying Big Technology Podcast? Please rate us five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in your podcast app of choice. For weekly updates on the show, sign up for the pod newsletter on LinkedIn: Questions? Feedback? Write to: [email protected]
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