OpenAI's Business Model Problem, Apple's Mixed Reality Vision, Ed Sheeran's Copyright Win — Techmeme Ride Home Crossover
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Brian McCullough of the Techmeme Ride Home Podcast joins Ranjan Roy and Alex Kantrowitz for our weekly news recap show. We cover: 1) OpenAI's massive losses 2) Whether generative AI has a business model problem 3) The battle between open source AI and proprietary research 3) AI fears go mainstream 4) The White House hosts AI leaders amid worries 5) The AI PR industrial complex 6) The WGA strike and AI's potential to replace writers 7) The Fed pause 8) Apple earnings 9) Apple's mixed reality device 10) Ed Sheeran's copyright victory 11) How Sheeran's win might influence AI 12) Welcome to Brooklyn, Ed Sheeran. --- Enjoying Big Technology Podcast? Please rate us five stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ in your podcast app of choice. For weekly updates on the show, sign up for the pod newsletter on LinkedIn: Questions? Feedback? Write to: [email protected]
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Published 09/29/23
Published 09/29/23
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