GOD Chose You - Be Fruitful
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Fruitfulness is the mandate God gave His people to create, produce, bring forth abundantly in the earth and make public. In this series, Be Fruitful!, you will learn how accomplishing this mandate requires you to allow God to be your only Source, using His ability (your inheritance that is at your disposal) to speak forth solutions from your righteousness in Him.
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It's time for God's people to experience God's miracles. But unless you understand both faith and time you will not understand the supernatural and in doing so you will fail to see miracles. In this series Dr. Bill Winston teaches that God expects faith not to be an event but a lifestyle. Faith...
Published 03/12/23
Do you have faith in the Anointing of God on your life? In this four-part teaching series The Greater Works, Dr. Bill Winston equips you with the knowledge and understanding of your unlimited potential through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Learn how to place a demand on the Anointing for...
Published 03/05/23
When we trespass on someone’s property, we violate the physical boundaries they have in place. Similarly, we trespass against God when we violate His commands to speak His word and speak it in faith.Dr. Bill Winston digs deeper into how through the power of the Anointing, Angels and the Authority...
Published 01/29/23