Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Using Peptides & Other Therapies
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My guest this week is Dr. Stephen L Barrett, CEO, US Neuropathy Centers. In this episode, Dr. Barrett and I discuss neuropathy- what is peripheral neuropathy, who it affects, why you need an accurate diagnosis, what are the common symptoms, why phantom pain phenomenon occurs, and most importantly, how a comprehensive care approach with novel treatments can alleviate pain and improve peripheral neuropathy. As a podiatrist and surgeon, Dr. Barrett shares his expertise in lower body and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) treatment, why diabetes has a strong connection to neuropathy, along with how to help patient compliance.  We talk about peptides, PRP, stem cells, and much more utilized at his neuropathy center.   Watch Dr. Barrett’s recent TEDx talk:   Follow Dr. Barrett     Sponsors Berkeley Life is dedicated to supporting healthy nitric oxide levels--a vital molecule made naturally in the body, responsible for vasodilation and circulation. As we age, we produce less, resulting in diminished blood flow. Berkeley Life supplements and serums provide nitrate that the body converts into nitric oxide. Berkeley Life orders can only be made using a practitioner code … You can use mine!  Use code NIDDBL for 10% off. Visit   BiOptimizers formula of magnesium breakthrough is now even more potent, including cofactors vitamin B6 and manganese that support the absorption of magnesium. Magnesium is involved in 85% of the body’s metabolic reactions and 75% of people are not getting enough magnesium. Magnesium Breakthrough will provide you with seven unique forms of organic, full spectrum magnesium to help reduce stress, improve sleep, and give you abundant all-day energy! Go to and use code BIONAT10 at checkout to save 10%.   The Women’s Longevity & Resilience Retreat is Back! Join Nat and co-host Dasha Maximov in Cabarete Dominican Republic this Nov. 9-14th 2022 and connect with 9 other women just like you... women who are committed to optimizing their health, vitality, and longevity.  For more details, a full itinerary, or to book a discovery call with Nat,  click here.  Deadline to sign up is Sept. 6, 2022.       Episode Takeaways [04:30] Dr. Barrett’s background and what got him to where he is today… [14:25] BPC-157 for peripheral neuropathy… [19:00] Applications for PRP… [28:20] BPC-157 for different conditions with the use of ultrasound… [31:58] GHK-cu, antifibrotic properties and hair follicle support ... [39:00] PTSD and chronic nerve pain… [40:13] Is there a particular subset of patients that tend to have neuropathy?.. [44:45] Heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and diabetes?.. [50:15] Training med students and surgeons… [55:30] The importance of focusing on overall health if you want to fix your pain…       Follow Nat Facebook Facebook Group  Instagram Work with Nat: Book Your 20 MInute Optimization Consult
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